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Ponds Super Light Gel – 50G


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Experience a revolution in skincare with Ponds Super Light Gel. This innovative formula combines advanced skincare technology with a feather-light texture, delivering unparalleled hydration and nourishment to your skin.

Key Features

Ultra-Light Formula

Ponds Super Light Gel is designed to feel weightless on your skin. It’s absorbed quickly, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and non-greasy.

Intense Hydration

Enriched with potent moisturizing agents, this gel replenishes your skin’s moisture levels, providing long-lasting hydration that keeps your skin supple and radiant throughout the day.


Our specially crafted formula is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. This makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Quick Absorption

Say goodbye to that heavy, sticky feeling. Ponds Super Light Gel absorbs rapidly, ensuring that your skin gets the nutrients it needs without any residue.

Versatile Usage

This gel can be used as a standalone moisturizer or as a primer before applying makeup. Its light texture allows for easy layering with other skincare products.

Enriched with Vitamins and Antioxidants

Infused with a blend of vitamins and powerful antioxidants, this gel helps protect your skin from environmental stressors, promoting a youthful, healthy complexion.

Travel-Friendly Packaging

The 50g size is perfect for on-the-go, fitting effortlessly into your purse or travel bag. Take it with you to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated wherever you go.

Directions for Use

Apply a small amount of Ponds Super Light Gel onto cleansed skin, gently massaging it in a circular motion. Use daily, morning and night, for best results.

Elevate your skincare routine with Ponds Super Light Gel – your ticket to a beautifully hydrated, glowing complexion. Experience the difference of a gel that’s not just light, but super light!

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