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Dr. Rashel White Skin Whitening Fairness Day Cream, 50g

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Dr. Rashel White Skin Whitening Fairness Day Cream is a specially formulated skincare product designed to lighten and even out skin tone while providing hydration and protection throughout the day. This cream is infused with potent ingredients known for their skin-brightening properties, targeting areas of hyperpigmentation and dullness to reveal a more radiant complexion.


  1. Skin Whitening: The cream advanced formula contains ingredients such as kojic acid, vitamin C, and niacinamide, which work together to inhibit melanin production, leading to a lighter and more even skin tone over time.
  2. Hydration: With its moisturizing properties, this day cream helps to keep the skin hydrated and supple, preventing dryness and flakiness, particularly important for those with dry or combination skin types.
  3. Sun Protection: Formulated with SPF (Sun Protection Factor), this cream provides a layer of defense against harmful UV rays, preventing further darkening of the skin and protecting against premature aging and sun damage.
  4. Evens Out Skin Texture: Regular use of Dr. Rashel White Skin Whitening Fairness Day Cream can help improve skin texture, minimizing the appearance of blemishes, acne scars, and unevenness, resulting in smoother, more flawless-looking skin.
  5. Antioxidant Benefits: The inclusion of antioxidants such as vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress and damage to the skin cells, promoting a healthier and more youthful complexion.

How to Apply:

  1. Cleanse: Start by cleansing your face thoroughly with a gentle facial cleanser suited to your skin type. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
  2. Tone: Optionally, follow up with a toner to balance the skin\'s pH levels and prepare it to better absorb the active ingredients in the cream.
  3. Apply Cream: Take a pea-sized amount of Dr. Rashel White Skin Whitening Fairness Day Cream onto your fingertips. Gently massage the cream onto your face and neck in upward circular motions until fully absorbed.
  4. Sun Protection: If using the cream during the daytime, ensure adequate sun protection by applying sunscreen over the cream or opting for a moisturizer with built-in SPF.
  5. Repeat Daily: For best results, incorporate this day cream into your daily skincare routine, applying it in the morning before makeup or as the final step in your morning skincare regimen.
  6. Avoid Contact with Eyes: Be cautious to avoid direct contact with the eyes when applying the cream. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
  7. Consistency is Key: Results may vary, but consistent use of the cream over time is essential to achieving noticeable improvements in skin tone and texture.

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