About Us

About Us

Consumer-centric shopping facilitates convenient access to premium brands.

Being a beauty-focused e-commerce company, we understand how sensitive the matter of genuine products is. Every individual deserves to experience authentic, high-end products that make them feel confident. Since there are no trustworthy online retailers currently, Bigbasket was launched to fill that gap and win hearts!

By creating a fitting and feasible access to authentic products by providing a finely curated collection of 200+ International, Premium, Luxury, Niche, and Cult brands, Bigbasket strives to meet your Skin Care, Makeup, Haircare, Fragrance, and Personal Care needs.

The word Bigbasket is commonly a mixture of two words : Big & Basket means that we have a Basket that is full with your desirable cosmetics products. Its inspiration is to become a Basket of Beauty products that bring to its customers what it proudly identifies as “Truly Brands”.


Founder’s Note

Pakistan’s e-commerce industry isn’t so trustworthy. What we order is often different from what we receive. Sometimes we don’t receive a delivery at all. Online stores that sell authentic products charge unreasonably high prices. What should we, as customers, do? Bigbasket was launched to answer this question. The purpose of Bigbasket is not just to sell products. Thousands of websites do this, and hundreds of them claim their products are genuine. Taking a step forward, Bigbasket.pk aims to restore the trust in e-commerce that has been long lost. A 28-year-old student, this is the vision that drove me to build a platform I once dreamed of.

Why should you trust me?

Having said all that, who am I, and why should you trust me? Apart from being the founder of Bigbasket, I also belong to a family that has been importing and distributing consumer brands since 2001. Overseas Business Corporation is known for importing original FMCG brands from around the world. The mission of Bigbasket is to bring this authenticity directly to consumers like you! While it may not be the solution to all your needs, I can commit to the authenticity, genuineness, and reasonable pricing of every product listed on this website. However, I will need your support in order to achieve this customer-centric vision.